The Boundary Waters are located on the Minnesota Canadian border. This large wilderness area is comprised of many of the lakes that Minnesota is famous for. You can buy a map which shows the lakes and the links between them which will also show you where the campsites are. These campsites feature a table and a fire ring, along with a pit toilet. The area isn't limited to canoeing, there are also several hiking trails in the area. Days after graduating from High School in 1974, two classmates and I visited the area. It would probably be best to wait a month or so to go here, as the portages will be dryer, and maybe not too many mosquitoes. September might be the best time as there would be less people, and many of the mosquitoes would be gone. You can do as we did and rent everything from an Outfitter, or take you own equipment. I'd like to go back someday, but take my own equipment and rent just a canoe.



National Reservation Service - the place to get a permit

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness - this site from the University of Minnesota contains a lot of good info, including information on a storm that blew down numerous trees. It appears to have the backing of the National Forest Service. It also has a complete list of Outfitters in its Links section. (many of these links didn't work when I tried them, but some do)