On our last day we visited a Korean Folk Village in Suwon. When we were there they were filming a scene for a TV show. The village is a good representation of life in the past. The above picture shows the kitchen in one of the buildings. I took several Quicktime movies of the folk dancers and the acrobats. A couple of them are a bit large so you may not want to view them if you have a slow modem. You'll also need Quicktime to view them. Its a free viewer available at...


When you download it there is one page that asks for a registration number. If you read the page it says to click next if you don't have a number.

Folk Dancing 1 - 3.85 megs

Folk Dancing 2 - 9.28 megs

Acrobats - 5.85 megs

As soon as I learn how to shorten the clips I'll load them so they don't take so long to download.