The above picture shows a view of Mt Diablo from the Coyote trail.  

The Morgan Territory is probably the most remote area in the Bay Area. To drive there you have to Either head north from Livermore, or take the Morgan Territory Rd. off of Clayton Rd outside the town of Clayton. This road is a narrow road with no centerline and some one lane bridges which force you to drive about 25 mph. It's a rough road but its still used by bicyclist to circle Mt. Diablo. This park is along the eastern side of Mt. Diablo and has trails that connect with those on Mt Diablo itself. One of the workers at Morgan Territory told me that you can actually hike from Mt Diablo all the way to the Round Valley Preserve by way of the Morgan Territory. Supposedly one could do this in a 3 day hike however I'm not sure where one would be allowed to camp. Another problem is that its a bad idea to leave a car overnight at the parking lot because of vandalism. One would have to have someone drop them off and pick them up at the end of the hike which shouldn't be too difficult. Although there is no mention of this in the park brochures you could ask rangers in the park about it.

This area was home to the Volvon Indians, one of 5 tribes in the Mt Diablo area. Many of these Indians died after the Spanish arrived in 1772 due to the diseases brought by the Spaniards. They didn't have immunities to these new diseases so a large number of them died.

Jeremiah Morgan to this area from Iowa after having [previously having spent some time in the Gold Rush, this time with his family in 1853. In 1857 he established a ranch in what is now known as Morgan Territory.


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