The Air Force had just begun repainting the planes in a new color so they decided they needed pictures of the new paint scheme. I got to fly in the plane with the photographers. The pictures were taken using my camera however, since I had a student I was unable to spend much time in back. When we took off we opened the back doors and came back around to do a low pass over the runway. We timed this so that we could get a picture of a KC-10 taking off behind us. When we reached the end of the runway we both pulled up sharply. Prior to this one of the Loadmasters(they are in charge of the cargo and passengers) had taken his helmet off and had set it down on the seats. Just as we started to pull up at the end of the runway his helmet came rolling of the seats heading for the open door. The loadmaster who's helmet it was was standing in the back of the plane just like the individual above, with his legs spread. His helmet just happened to stop right between his legs. Imagine if it had rolled out the back and into the engine inlet of the KC-10. In case you are wondering, everyone in the back of the plane was wearing a harness which prevented them from going past the edge of the ramp. The plane in view out the back is a C-141, just like the one this picture is taken from. We flew up to Mt. Lassen National Park and took some pictures before flying down the coast to do figure eights over the Golden Gate bridge. The bottom picture is a KC-10 taken approaching the Golden Gate bridge