Redwood Regional Park has rapidly become one of my favorite parks in the eastbay. Its hard to image a place like this so close to Oakland, and one thats so quiet. There are a few days when air traffic into Oakland is routed over the park, but most of the time it goes further south. The result is that its peacefully quiet when hiking among the redwoods.

There was commercial logging between 1840 and 1860 with numerous mills and shanteytowns in the park. The result was that the area was decimated. What you see now are second and third generation trees. The area has rebounded nicely. The Rainbow Trout species was first discovered in this park and a historical marker (No. 970) near the park entrance signifies it. There is no fishing allowed in the park though. The East Bay Regional Park District is restricting access to the creek to allow it to recover. People usually want to run around and play in the creeks but with so many people living nearby the area would deteriorate quickly if something wasn't done.


Redwood Regional Park