1987 I was on a hike in the north part of Yosemite. I had been out for about a week and a half and was making my way back to my car in Yosemite Valley. I was camping on the north side of May Lake, opposite the High Sierra Camp. About 5:30 in the morning I heard a noise and stuck my head out, only to see a bear in the tree where I had hung me food. I yelled at the bear and saw the bear start down. I quickly got out of my tent and put my shoes on, then ran over to the tree, placing myself between the bear and the tree. I had grabbed my metal cup along with a small rock to bang it on and proceeded to make as much noise as I could. I also started to yell as loud as possible, so loud that I woke others camped in the area. The problem was that the bear didn't want to leave, it kept looking up in the tree behind me, then at mean. I kept making lots of noise
to try and drive it away but it just wouldn't leave. Once it even growled at me and took a step as if to charge me but I stood my ground. After what seemed like an eternity I turned around and looked up in the tree and say a cub. Now I knew why the bear wouldn't leave. I backed off about 25 feet and mom came over and got her cub and they left. The next night I had to run off another bear. Since then I have to run others off, including a sow with 3 cubs, but she didn't care about them as much as the one from my previous experience.