Bears are very smart in Yosemite and Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. If you think you can store you food in your car and it will be safe, the picture above should change your mind. Any visible item or smell will invite a bear to make himself or herself at home with your car. Doors offer little resistance to a bear, which they open like tin foil. I recently talked to a mom that drove the kids around in a van. Her van had picked up a lot of smells from all those kids and while on a backpacking trip the bears decided to check our her van. The results, $5000 in damages. If they can do that to a van do you think your tent will offer any resistance? What I'm trying to tell you is that you should
not take food into your tent either, or clothing that has food smells on them. You also need to take proper precautions to store your food in the mountains. The bears in Yosemite are some of the most intelligent in the United States. I should also tell you that no one has been killed from a bear in California since about the turn of the century. Everything you probably know about bears you probably have learned from the movies. Do you really think that they told you the truth? NO. If you use the proper food storage methods, and chase off any bears that try to get your food, then things can only improve for everyone.(I wish I could find the web page where I found this picture at, if it's yours let me know)