I knew it was going to be a different type of hike when I drove up into the clouds on my way to the trailhead. This was typical weather for about half of the hike only this time I was in the clouds. When I took this picture it was sleeting. The good thing about hiking in bad weather is that it is so easy to get good pictures without even trying. You just have to be there.

 Off in the distance is Three Chimneys and Castle Rock with Cooper Meadow below them. The meadow always looks so green on a clear day. Good view for a day hike also.

 The problem with camping in a meadow is that they are usually damp. With the cool weather I woke up to a coating of frost on my tent along with everything else. Above you can see the frost melting in the Salt Lick Meadow with the steam rising off the creek. This was one of the few nice days on the hike.