I passed a mother and daughter on my way up the East Fork of Cherry Creek. They had just as much problem as I did finding the trail. Taking the opportunity available, I asked them to take my picture. This was day four.

 This granite dome along the canyon containing Huckleberry Lake shows the evidence of past glaciers on its side. The shinny places on the rock is called Glacier Polish. Glaciers pick up rocks when they travel down canyon and these rocks grind the other rocks as they go, polishing the granite till it is very smooth.

At the southern end of the Lake is a cabin used by snow surveyors during the winter month. That explains the door on the second floor.

 This is the northern end of Huckleberry Lake. The clouds show what I have to look forward to for the next 3 days. In fact, it started to rain about 2 hours after I took this picture.