During the past year I've been doing a lot of hikes in the Bay Area. While I'm not a big plant person its hard to not appreciate all the different types of plants, and the variety of shapes and colors that they come in. I decided to try to photograph as many different types that I could find. My problem has been in identifying them. I've found several websites on the internet that have wildflowers but even then I was unable to name many of them. Even the ones that I have named I wasn't always sure that I had the correct name. If you can help me out please email me with the page it was on and which flower it was, and supply me the correct name. My email is located at the bottom of my home page. These pictures were taken at 3 locations. Mt Diablo State Park, Black Diamond Mines in Antioch, and Sunol Regional Wilderness.

P.S. Most sites I've seen have used scanned pictures. These are all digital pictures and will probably look better.

Purple & Blue Flowers

Orange & Yellow Flowers

 Red Flowers

 White Flowers

Trees and Brush

 Wildflower Views

Black Diamond Mines

 Wildflower Views

Mt Diablo State Park

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