I no longer live in California, having moved to the Minneapolis area. The way things were going I was having doubts of being able to buy a house and pay it off before I retired. In fact, I had doubts of even being able to retire if I remained in California. If I won the lottery I'd move back though. I miss the mountains and being able to go backpacking within a couple hours. I don't miss the traffic. I found a good job in the Minneapolis area and then bought a place to live. Its close enough that I'm able to ride bike to work. In fact, to celebrate my new job I went out and bought a new bike even though I didn't need one. I already had 2 Cannondales but I'm pretty happy with my new Surly Crosscheck. I now own a canoe and a touring kayak so I've been getting out to some of the local lakes and rivers with them. I miss my old whitewater kayak but I was never that good with it, still, I wouldn't mind getting another one. I've been a little disappointed by the lack of snow in the the Minneapolis area the past couple winters. Hopefully there will be some this next winter so I can use my cross country skis without having to drive a long ways.

Click above for some pictures from my Air Force days


 I'm originally from Spencer Iowa, a small town of about 11,000. Shortly after graduation I joined the Air Force, where I spent 20 years. My first 3 years were spent as a crew chief on B-52's, and the remainder as a Flight Engineer on C-141's. At the completion of my 20 years in the Air Force I was an Instructor Flight Engineer. Being an instructor is the one thing I miss. Well, that and the 30 days paid vacation. That is how I was able to to get in so many great hikes.