The Porcupine Mountains State Park is located in Michigan on the Upper Peninsula near the Wisconsin border. Its the largest wilderness area in Michigan at 92 square miles and has 87 miles of trails. Besides the wilderness campsites (first come first served) there are also cabins, and a few yurts. Camping isn't limited to the campsites but certain rules do apply. The North Country Trail traverses the park also. Hiking permits cost between 14 and 42 dollars a night, depending on how large the group is. Size is limited to 12 people and no advance reservations are taken. There are no limits on the number of permits issued which could be a problem during busy times of year.

The above picture was taken from the Lake Of the Clouds Scenic Area, an overlook that may people drive to. Click on the picture and you can download a larger version. There is evidence of glaciers at the overlook. If you know what you're looking for you can find some glacier polish. If you look at the second picture on my em7 Page you'll see some shiny rocks part way up. This rock was polished by the glaciers by the rocks and sand in the ice. What used to be polished on the Lake of the Clouds is now showing its age, but you can see the scrape marks that show the direction of travel of the glacier.

My trip here didn't turn out too good. The day I was going to start hiking my Achilles tendon started to hurt so I did the car camping thing.

NOTE: The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is split into 2 time zones.

Porcupine Mountains - official state park website