Minimus- Single Serving food products. Why carry a big jar of peanut butter when you can carry a single serving. Lots of other stuff available.

Andrew Skurka - a professional backpacker thats sponsered by Golite and others.

Backpacking Light - this site has articles on lightweight hike, gear reviews etc. You can also buy gear such as real small squeeze bottles and stuff from Bozeman Mountain (quilts, clothing tarps etc).

BackpackerGearTest - Self explanitory

Alans Ultralight Backpacking Page - Good thoughts on ultralight camping, a gear checklist, and a 250$ gear checklist.

Great Lakes Lightweight Backpacking - good advice including tarp camping 101

Hikelite - links to articles about lightweight camping. Gear checklist, gear

Backcountry Gear - Retailer of different brands of gear

Feathered Friends - Good down sleeping bags and jackets, one of the best

Zpacks - Real lightweight Cuben filber tents & backpacks. Some of the lightest.

Big Sky International  Some well reguarded tents

Integral Designs - maker of bivys, tarps sleeping bags, etc

McHale - ultralight backpacks

LightHeart Gear - Some nice tents, some are Cuben Fiber. A bit too long for me but I've given them so serious thought.

Stephensons Warmlite - Maker of great tents etc since 1956. My 3 person tent weights 4 lbs and has no problem with wind! 

Tarptent - I've got 3 of their tents and love them.

Western Mountianeering - well known for their lightweight sleeping bags & coats. One of my favorite sleeping bags!

Wild Ideas - carbon fiber & aluminum bear canisters, lighter than others, but cost more.

Camp 4 Outdoors - A new bear cannister. Won't be on the market till they're approved by places like Yosemite, probably too late for 2011. Not as light as the Wild Ideas cannisters, but cost a lot less and can be expanded.

Ursack - lightweigth kevlar bear bags. Not yet fully approved for areas like Yosemite, but hopefully they will be in the next year.

Golite - one of the original ultralight manufactures

ULA - maker of some nice ultralight backpacks & other stuff. I like the rain wrap.

Six Moon Designs - backpacks & shelters, I'm pretty happy with my backpack.

Brasslite - ultralight brass stoves & cooking gear

Antigravity Gear - cooking gear, shelters, clothing & other gear. I like my caldera cone for cooking. The place to buy stuff from Traildesigns.com

Gossamer Gear - pack, shelters, cooking clothing gear etc. I love their hiking poles.

Prolite Gear - all kinds of gear.

Mini Bull Designs - lightweight stoves.

Mountain Laurel Designs - I'm thinking of buying a tarp and bivy from them.

MontBell - Lightweight clothing & other gear. They are a Japanese company so pay attention to the size as their sized smaller otherwise I'd buy some. They make some good stuff. 

Gear Zone - a bit of everything

Oware - Good tarps, bivy's and pyramid tents

Titanium Goat - bivy, tents cook gear, carbon fiber tent stakes

Nunatak Ultralight - sleeping bags, quilts & clothing

Frogg Toggs - suppose to be lighter and more breatheable than Gore-Tex, and a hell of a lot cheaper. Easier to rip but just use some duct tape to fix them. Throw them away at the end of the year and buy another set.

Zen & the Art of the Alcohol Stove - The in's & out"s of alcohol stoves, and how to make your own.

Review: Lightweight Alcohol Stoves for Backpacking - Reviews on stoves, and links

Need more on Alcohol Stoves, just do a search and you'll find plenty

Welcome to the Hiking Web Site - a bit of everything

Clark Jungle Hammocks - supposedly the only hammock where you can sleep on your side. Didin't work for me.

Warbonnet Hammocks

Hammock Forms - where to find info from users

Thru-Hiker - kits and material for lightweight equipment