Backpacking Checklist

The following list is one that I got from a friend. I have made changes to it and there are also links which will give more info.


- Pack
- Pack Rain Cover - you can also use a poncho which is long enough to the pack
- Day Pack or fanny pack (optional)
- Tent of Bivy sack - if you know the weather is going to be good you could leave this behind
- Ground Cloth
- Sleeping Bag
- Therm-a-Rest or ensolite pad(you can also get a chair which uses the therm-a-rest of other type pad for support


- Water Filter or tablets
- Water bottles (at least 2 nalgene 1L.) or bladder
- Cup
- Bowl or Plate (plastic)
- Silverware
- Swiss Army Knife (I like to have at least two blades in case one breaks)
- Food (non-perishable)
- Seasonings/Spices (optional)
- Cooking Pots
- Stove & fuel
- Butane lighter (I carry several) and/or H2O proof matches
- Dish Soap (biodegradable)
- Pot scrubber (small nylon)
- Plastic bags for food/garbage(can also be used to cover you pack at night to protect it from the dew)
- Glucose mixes for hike (optional)
- Stuff sacks (used to hang your food, don't use the ones you keep your tent and sleeping bag in in case the bears get them.)

CLOTHING ( NOTE: avoid cotton)

- Boots (waterproofed)
- Wool socks and polypro liners
- Long underwear (synthetic, I don't like polypro as it will eventually retain odor)
- Undershorts & shirts
- Hiking shorts (nylon ideally)
- Long pants (avoid Levis, better yet, use the nylon shorts with the zip off pant legs to save weight)
- Fleece or wool shirt or sweater
- Jacket (synthetic or down)
- Rain parka & pants (or poncho)
- Gloves or mittens (I also carry a pair of thin leather gloves to wear when hanging my food)
- Stocking cap
- Bandanas or handkerchiefs
- Wide brimmed hat
- Sunglasses
- Camp shoes or sandals (I prefer tennis shoes for creek crossings and you socks stay cleaner in dirty areas)


- Toothbrush (I don't carry toothpaste, just use water and brush longer, we didn't always have toothpaste)
- Soap (you already have soap for your dishes)
- Towel (chamois pack towel)
- Toilet paper (I prefer unscented Scott toilet paper, available in single rolls)
- Trowel & sealed bags for used TP
- First Aid Kit (comprehensive)
- Moleskin (for blisters)
- Medicines & vitamins
- Chap stick & sunscreen (I prefer unscented so that you don't attract to many insects, use sunblock chapstick)
- Insect repellent (DEET - 98%)
- Whistle (for emergencies)
- Headlamp & batteries +spare bulb
- Nylon cord (100ft)
- Repair kit (needle, thread, nylon tape)
- Watch (mainly to know when your food is ready)
- Maps & Compass ( I don't care for a GPS unless you are hiking in the snow. It's just a gee whiz toy)
- Radio, Walkie Talkies, Cell Phone (big debate here, I'll do without)


- Nature guide/star gazing charts
- Binoculars
- Hand warmers (chemical)
- Earplugs (in case your tent mate snores)
- Book
- Camera & film
- Large plastic bags (for trash or emergencies)