I often get questions from friends on which camera I recommend. I don't have a good answer for that since I don't keep track of them that much. One thing I can say is that there is no reason to get anything less than a 7 megapixel camera, and soon the same will be true for 8 megapixel cameras. They all are probably capable of taking movies, and some now have a youtube mode to produce movies compatable with youtube. Some cameras have internal software that allows you to take a series of pictures that can be stictched togeather to make a panorama. This can also be done with software in the computer but I've had better luch with cameras that are made to do this. New cameras are also able to stabalize the picture if you're shaking too much. A nice feature if you're already breathing hard from hiking.

1. Don't pay attention to those cameras that talk about digital zoom. This feature just uses software to crop the picture to make it look closer. You can do that yourself with software.

2. Watch out for cameras that use software to make it look like they have more pixels than they really have. This is a feature that isn't used much anymore now that cameras have plenty of pixels.

3. The easiest way to download the files to your computer is with a built in card reader, or an exteranal card reader which are cheap. Many of the laptops have a slot for Secure Digital cards.

4. I don't think it really matters which type of memory card that is used, but Compact Flash seems to be on its way out. Secure Digital seems to be the most popular cards now. Olympus uses their own XD cards which I believe aren't as fast at getting the file from the camera to the card. Sony has their memory sticks which cost more.


Below are a list of links which are probably the best you'll find anywhere. Steves Digcam is probably the best, and several of the other sites will refer you to it. He has extremely good reviews with the newest cameras. It appears that he is getting cameras directly from the manufactures. He offers a lot of information, maybe too much for the avearage person. You might want to skip to the end of the review to get a summary.

Steves Digicams

ShortCourses - you can probably answer every question possible at this site.

Megapixel - Monthly online digital camera magazine

Imaging Resource - allows side by side comparisons of pictures from different cameras.

PC Photo Review - Another online monthly magazine