From the Sierras east of Fresno one can hike parts of the PCT/JMT. The above picture is of Lake Marie, a well photographed lake between Florence and Edison Lake. The Recesses near Mono Creek, Bear Creek and Lake Italy are other popular destinations.

Vermillion Valley Resort, one of the well know stops on the Pacific Crest Trail has a shuttle that runs to the Fresno Airport and the Bus/Train Station in Fresno. It isn't cheap, especially if there is only one of you, but they have a board where you can post a message to see if you can share the cost which is 175$ for the first 2 people, and 25 dollars for each additional rider with 4 people maximum. The trick is to get 4 people so you can split the 225 dollar cost. There is a 25% deposit. If you wish to go to Florence Lake the cost is 200$ for the first two hikers and 25$ for each additional hiker for a maximum of 4 hikers. 

They're website is self explanitory and list airlines that fly into Fresno.

Vermillion Valley Resort - You'll see a link at the top of the page for PCT/JMT Hikers with everything you need to know. They also operate a boat taxi to the far end of the lake so you can save some hiking time, and get some ice cream.