Pt Reyes is located about an hour north of San Francisco. There are two parts to the park, the southern area which is more wooded and has most of the hiking trails along with 4 hike in campgrounds. Resevations are required, and there is a fee. The reservations are a must when spring starts to come around. In the winter months you can usually get a permit at any time. You can also bike in, but only on certain trails.

There is plenty of wildlife, and you can be assured of seeing some if you camp there. You will assuradly run into deer, and probably racoons, which will be trying to raid your campsite in search of food. They will even walk under your table while you are sitting there. If you don't see any just try shinning your flashlight into the bushes, and watch all the eyes light up. To prevent any problems, make sure you keep your food in the boxes provided to store your food. Include anything else that smells also. Don't even think about taking food into your tent.

Be prepared for wet weather at all times of year, as you can count on the fog rolling in. You can also count on wind. One December a blast of wind (about 45 mph) hit the side of my tent and moved me over an inch. I have a very good tent, so it was no problem, but others might not have the same luck. I've seen some tents almost blow over into the faces of the people in them. I hope I haven't scared you off, It is very pretty there, you just have to be prepared as you would anywhere else. The high winds usually only occure in the winter months.

There are several things to be aware of such as poison oak and ticks. On a hike with several friends, each of us found a tick crawling up our clothing. The use of long pants or repellent is encouraged for the ticks. It's also best to stay on the trail since there is plenty of poison oak growing nearby.

Come back, I will be adding pictures here as I find them!

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