I've received an email from Lee Dittmann who is one of the people you can thank for the China Hole Trail. He worked at Henry Coe for almost 10 years so he's very familiar with the park. He also has a very good website on Henry Coe which I recommend. He also publishes the map for the park along with a couple of books. He pointed out a few errors in my text which I have changed. He also pointed out that there are several places in the park from which you can view Half Dome in Yosemite. These being from the top of Pine Ridge, the south end of Mahoney Ridge, Mt. Sizer, Divide Ridge, etc. He says that winter is the best time to view it.

I've just recieved another email from Lee Dittmann. He's had a problem with too much traffic at his website so he's had to move it. Lee is associated with Buddha Nature Books and Maps out of Flagstaff Arizona. So if you need some maps or books look him up His Henry Coe website is at


and the parks website is at


 I have hiked at Henry Coe State Park a number of times. It is a good place to go backpacking when there is too much snow in the Sierras. The best times to hike there is probably in the spring. There is a lot of wildlife there. Once I camped at Mahoney Pond and got to watch a male Tom turkey round up his harem on the next hillside. Later that night I woke up hearing a coyote off in the distance, and a coyote pup less than 100 yards away, trying to howl back . There is also a lot of wild boar there and one night I heard them on the hillside above me. They cause a lot of destruction when they root up the ground looking for food. You should always be prepared to climb a tree when you encounter one but I have never had a problem with them. As the ranger told me, just yell at them. There are also mountain lions there. On a hike over the new years, a couple said they had seen a mountain lion having an argument with two coyotes over a deer carcass near Poverty Flat. Below are a few of the pictures I have taken at Henry Coe. Just click on the picture to see a larger one, along with a description.